About Us



Maly Indigo was founded in Oct 2012 by a local fabric enthusiast who has been involving with traditional fabric works for more than a couple of decades.

Maly Indigo can be categorized as a finished-product producer. We produce a wide range of products including clothing, home textiles, home wears, bags and souvenirs and home décor items. Our materials are primarily from cotton, “Kheua Piad or Kuzu”, hemp and candled-waxed fabrics. We partner and work collaboratively with local manufacturers from the north to south of Laos.





Maly Indigo has operated our business with a vision to enable local and traditional hand-woven and naturally dyed fabrics to contemporary lifestyle. Our belief is to ensure that locals benefit from handcrafted works economically without compromising their long-standing traditions and culture, which have been passed on from generation to generation.

We strive to ensure that every piece of works produced reflects sentimental values as well as the beauty of inconsistent nature that local producers leave on their works.