Our Fabrics



The majority of our cottons are hand spinning, naturally dyed and handwoven. these historical & traditional skills are still practiced by the local in the south and north of Laos. Patterns and colors on cotton works reflect the way of lives and the availability of natural dyeing materials in specific locations.


4Hemp or “Yai Kunsa”:

Our hemp fabric are sourced directly from Hmong tribe producers in the north of Laos.  The process of hemp production is very time consuming and labor intensive. Thus, the quality of each handwoven hemp fabric is close to linen which is strong durable type of cloth.

Tribal Batik Fabrics:

Batik drawing is a long standing wax resist technique of Hmong tribe in the north of Laos. Traditionally, this drawing is used as way to decorate the plain hemp. Symmetrical patterns on the fabrics represent the visual expression of Hmong on their surrounding natural environment, like snail shells, ferns, elephants and butterfiles. Maly indigo is very pround to be awarded the Good Design Award: Mekong Design Selection on our indigo batik table cloth in Oct 2014.

3Kuzu or “KheuaPaid”:

KheuaPaid produced from jungle vines that can be found in the forest of Oudomxay province in the north of Laos. It requires lengthy and laborious process before it can be come the textile or products from KheuaPaid. Maly indigo in collaboration with local artisans in Oudomxay produce some of the customized size KheuaPaid textiles to fit the use purposes.